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TE Cable Accessories

HS Termination Kit 11kV 1C Indoor

TKN-50/95-NI-400 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 1C 50-95mm2)

TKN-95/240-NI-400 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 1C 95-240mm2)

TKN-300/500-NI-400 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 1C 300-500mm2)

TKN-630/1000-NI-400 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 1C 630-1000mm2

HS Termination Kit 11kV 1C Outdoor

TKU-50/95-NI-500 (HS Termination Outdoor 11kV 1C 50-95mm2)

TKU-95/240-NI-500 (HS Termination Outdoor 11kV 1C 95-240mm2)

TKU-300/500-NI-500 (HS Termination Outdoor 11kV 1C 300-500mm2)

TKU-630/1000-NI-500 (HS Termination Outdoor 11kV 1C 630-1000mm2

HS Termination Kit 11kV 3C Indoor

TKN-50/95-NO-650 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 3C 50-95mm2)

TKN-95/240-NO-650 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 3C 95-240mm2)

TKN-150/300-NO-650 (HS Termination Indoor 11kV 3C 150-300mm2)

HS Termination Kit 11kV 3C Outdoor

TKU-16/35-NO-650 (HS Termination Outdoor 11kV 3C 16–35mm2)

TKU-50/95-NO-650 (HS Termination Outdoor 11kV 3C 50-95mm2)


HS Termination Kit 33kV 1C Indoor

TKN-240/500-VI-550 (HS Termination Indoor 33kV 1C 240-500mm2)

TKN-630/1000-VI-550 (HS Termination Indoor 33kV 1C 630-1000mm2)

TKN-500/630-VI-550(BIER) (HS Termination Indoor 33kV 1C 500-630mm2 BIER)

HS Termination Kit 33kV 1C Outdoor

TKU-70/185-VI-700 (HS Termination Outdoor 33kV 1C 70-185mm2)

TKU-240/500-VI-700 (HS Termination Outdoor 33kV 1C 240-500mm2)

TKU-630/1000-VI-700 (HS Termination Outdoor 33kV 1C 630-1000mm2)

HS Termination Kit 33kV 3C Indoor

TKN-50/95-VO-900 (HS Termination Indoor 33kV 3C 50–95mm2)

TKN-120/240-VO-900 (HS Termination Indoor 33kV 3C 120–240mm2)

HS Termination Kit 33kV 3C Outdoor

TKU-120/240-VO-1300 (HS Termination Outdoor 33kV 3C 120-240mm2)


HS Termination Kit MV Indoor (With ZnO Stress Control System)

IXSU-F6151 (HS Termination Indoor 33kV 1C 500-800mm2)

HS Insulating Bushing Boots up to 33kV (set of three)

RSRB-4044 (HS Insulating Bushing Boots 11kV 16-95mm2)

RSRB-4046 (HS Insulating Bushing Boots 11kV 120-300mm2)

RSRB-6046 (HS Insulating Bushing Boots 33kV 120-300mm2)

Plug-in Termination Kit for GIS 33kV Tape Screen

RPIT-1-6312-T (Plug-in Termination Kit for GIS 33kV 120mm2 Tape Screen)

RPIT-1-6324-T (Plug-in Termination Kit for GIS 33kV 240mm2 Tape Screen)

RPIT-1-6330-T (Plug-in Termination Kit for GIS 33kV 300mm2 Tape Screen)

CS Cable Joint Kit 11kV & 22kV 1C

CSJT-24C/1XU-1XU-MY03 (CS Joint 11/22kV 1C ST 120-240mm2)

CSJT-24E/1XU-1XU-MY03 (CS Joint 11/22kV 1C ST 500-630mm2)

CSJT-24E/1XU-1XU-MY01 (CS Joint 11/22kV 1C X-BOND 500-630mm2)

CS Cable Joint Kit 11kV 3C

CSJT-24B/3XU-3XU-MY01 (CS Joint 11kV 3C 95-150mm2

CSJT-24C/3XU-3XU-MY01 (CS Joint 11kV 3C 240mm2)

CS Cable Joint Kit 33kV 1C

CSJT-36F-1XU-1XU-MY01-STR (CS Joint 33kV 1C Straight-through)

CSJT-36F-1XU-1XU-MY01-STR (CS Joint 33kV X-Bond)


HS MV Core Insulation Sleeve

HVOT-38/12-A/U-4 (S20) (MV Insulation Sleeve D38MM/12MM)

HVOT-50/16-A/U-4 (S15) (MV Insulation Sleeve D50MM/16MM)

HVOT-62/21-A/U-4 (S15) (MV Insulation Sleeve D62MM/21MM)

HVOT-82/29-A/U-4 (S10) (MV Insulation Sleeve D82MM/29MM)

HS Halogen-Free Wraparound System

CRSM-34/10-1500/239 (S1) (HS Wraparound Cable Repair D34mm/10mm)

CRSM-53/13-1500/239 (S1) (HS Wraparound Cable Repair D53MM/13MM)

CRSM-107/29-1500/239 (S1) (HS Wraparound Cable Repair D107MM/29MM)

CRSM-143/36-1500/239 (S1) (HS Wraparound Cable Repair D143MM/36MM)