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Battery Tools

Electromechanical Crimping Tool EK50ML

0.14 -50mm2 Crimping range

Max. 15kN Crimping force

Up to 35,000 cycles before servicing

Less than 1.5 sec. per crimp

250 crimps on 10mm2 per charge

weighs 0.96kg

Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool EKM6022L

6 – 300mm2 Crimping range

60kN Crimping force

Crimp cycle 2 sec. (for ARS)

Approx. 150 – 200 crimps at 150mm2 Cu Ms

Weights 3kg with battery

Battery-Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool EK1264AP

16 – 400mm2 Crimping range

120kN Crimping Force

Approx. 300 cycles at 185mm2 Cu MS

Weighs 6.4kg with battery

Battery-Powered Ratchet Cable Cutter

Cuts up to 500mm2 Cu, 630mm2 Al

Cu/Al, Light Armoring

7 – 8 sec. cutting time depends on cable

~90 cycles (500mm2 Armored Cu Cable)

Battery-Powered Cutting & Crimping Tool EK425CL

54kN Crimping force

10 – 300mm2 Crimping range

Crimp cycle 3 – 5 sec.

Cuts up to 35mm Cu/ Al, Max.25mm ACSR, Max. 10mm Cu bar

Cu/Al, Light Armoring

Weighs 2.0kg with battery (w/o jaw)